Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summertime fun with my Canadian Guilty Birds!

Hello peeps and peepers,
I am coming home to Vancouver Island the 1st of June, and have a lots of shows up my sleeve.
The 1st show is at a venue I am very excited to play at.
Thursday, June 26th @ 8pm, I will be performing  set or two of originals and some covers with Murray Atkinson on guitar. I was thrilled to play last summer when it was The Duncan Garage Showroom, but since the closedown of that Longevity John Falkner has gone ahead and opened another venue.
Here is a link to The NEW Duncan Showroom

The 2nd show will be Friday, June 27th @ 8pm - The Queens Hotel in Nanaimo. Rick Salt, will be on Guitar. For those of you who know me, and the many years of music making I have done with Rick, you would know this is a thrill, to get to give him a chance to play ALL of the guitar licks, he spent so much time!
For this show, I am thrilled to get to have the Canadian version of my 'GUILTY BIRDS BAND'.
 Murray Atkinson, who sometimes plays guitar, and sometimes plays keyboards (JUST CAUSE HE CAN!) has been kind enough to do one night on guitar in Duncan, and the rest of them on keys. I am hoping to have a few other players who I have had a longtime working relationship with, join us on stage for the Queens gig, as well as the gig the following night in Crofton...I will have a more detailed post with the rest of the 'Guilty Birds' as soon as I can find them/wake them up/sober them up or figure out who they are! haaahaaaa

The 3rd show will be Saturday, June 28th @ The Crofton Hotel @ 8pm-  Crofton. I had a
fantastic time playing there last summer, and I am not just saying this because it's close to my house and ALL of my neighbours came out...(PLEASE COME OUT AGAIN GUYS!)
Again this show will be a 'Camille Miller and her Guilty Birds' show featuring Rick Salt on guitar, and Murray Atkinson on Keys...

All three shows are early shows, I am still not sure if this is because I am TRUELY lucky, or if it's a subtle sign saying 'You may not draw enough people, so lets put you on early so you don't blow the whole weekend'...Either way, I am happy, my band will be happy and the babysitter will be happy! haaahaaa

This is my third year working with Tina Coldwell from TLC Entertainment...She works damn hard to get people out to shows, and I know we can really 'give'r' this summer...Thank you Tina. xxx

The 4th show will be Thursday, July 10th @ Logan's Pub in Victoria BC.
Again, this will be a 'Camille Miller and her Guilty Birds' gig, and I cannot express how excited I am to perform at Chris Logan's venue, ONCE again. It has been a while, but the lovely East Coast'er  answered all of me e-mails, and welcomed me back to perform.....The last show I did there was shortly after the release of the  'Somewhere Near The Truth' album...We had a fantastic show, maybe not tonnes of people, but I remember it well. Thank you to Chris Logan and to Mihkel Kaup for getting back to me and booking us.
As mentioned before, I will list my Guilty Birds Band info, as the date gets closer...There are a lot of Guilty Birds in this business, and I am just finding them as I go!!!

I plan to add a couple of more shows before getting the honour to perform at the wedding of my cousin Jeremy Spruston and his fiancé Ashley Jane the beginning of August....MASSIVE family reunion if you ask me!

Thanks guys for reading this, and hopefully I will see some of you out this summer.
Love you all,
Love me back,
Camille Miller xxxx

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