Thursday, June 12, 2014

Home Sweet Embarrassing Home!

Ahhhhhh, it is amazing to be home in Crofton once again. Even better to have made a 'mommy- friend' today while hanging at our local beach spot…
We were each sitting respectfully apart on the beach, whilst all five children drew to each other like magnets…Soon enough, sand was flying, girls were running around telling the boys what to do and Sam was eyeing up a boy slightly older than him, with indescribable joy as the each threw fists of sand near enough to to their faces to cause both mommies to join together with a chorus of "DON'T throw that!- NOT at a person, AIM for the sea, PUT that back in the ditch…DON'T put that in your mouth"….Etc…THE USUAL… Pretty soon, we had found each other on FB, and are sure to be fast summer friends.

When meeting someone new, almost automatically I have to tell them something very embarrassing about myself, just to gauge the reaction…It was an easy story today, as I approach the 7 month mark of visiting the BELL PUB in Crofton...
There are two drinking establishments in my town…One I get to play music at, and the other, I have been to only once.
I will blame my brother for this story…But now at least I can mention it aloud, as my story did not even slightly ruffle  my new 'Mommy-Friend'.
It involves going out with a friend of my brother's for 'a couple of drinks' at the pub, and ends with me consuming Jagger Bombs (Like they were going out of style) falling over several times before even trying to leave, and bouncing my way down the front stairs of this fine establishment (that boasts live mud wrestling each July) then feeling sorry for myself for at LEAST 6.9 months. Infact, I still drive the long way around the bar, just incase any locals look out and SENSE I am in the area. I am not proud of this moment, nor was it a finer moment in 'socializing with new people from my community, who I hope one day to be friends with'-  BUT, it is a moment of my history…SO I might as well EMBRACE THE HECK Out of it!
I shall promise to NEVER make that same mistake again…Perhaps similar moments of un-grace will follow me…But NOT THERE! Sorry Crofton.

On that note,
I have some FABULOUS shows coming up and even MORE fabulous posters to boast…Thanks for following me, and checking in here to this blog, where I promise to ALWAYS have moments like this in my life that will make you go: GAWD, I am glad I am not her! ( I am a gooooood Mommy, I am a Goooooood Mommy)

The two shows in July, I am thrilled to report that THE lovely and talented JODY QUINE will be doing an opening set for the Vancouver gig and The Victoria gig…I had the chance to work with Jody as one of the vocalists/writers for a Balligomingo Album…We have only met in REAL LIFE once or twice, but she is one of those people who I always wished I could just hang out with…I am sure you will get that instantly, when you hear her beautiful voice and see her in person!
Thanks again for humouring me…If I could give you all a warning: No matter HOW good of an idea it seems at the time to go for a 'couple of drinks', during a weeknight, while your husband ( Thank GAWD) tends to the beautiful niblets to a pub that has LIVE mud Wrestling and a HAYSTACK on the deck…Just don't do it…Say no…Just GO TO BED- Admit defeat! The Jagger Bombs WILL WIN!
Much love,
Camille xxxxx

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