Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The Heart of the Beard"

Not a new song for me, but DEFINITELY a current hit under construction for my daughter Hannah...
I found this out at 745am the other morning, in our taxi en route to school. Sam on my lap,me clinging for life, Hannah floating around somewhere to left of me all the while working hard on her new song...I don't know WHERE it came from...But it was something like " the heart of the beard, is a really lovely mustache, a really lovely place to be"(sung to a version of "Let it Go"-from the movie Frozen incase you don't have kids.) I mean WHERE does this come from?
It managed to amuse all three of us for the remainder of the ride, which always is a good start to any day!
I am intrigued and amazed by the little people in my life as of late...Very grateful for all of them.

Okay, enough of all of that.
At this particular moment, I am in a bakery next door to our apartment while a lovely young lady by the name of Ingred, looks after Hannah and Sam. It is Saturday night, its almost 9pm and the families are just starting to come out for dinner.I don't know if I will EVER get used to this, but its quite nice right now.I wanted to have a chance to update my website, which seems to take way more concentration than my kids are willing to let me put in any other direction, than them.The way it's supposed to be, I know!

I have a small tour in The UK coming up and am finally getting excited, now that it's looking REAL and the dates are getting closer. I get to rock with my UK version of 'The Guilty Birds Band'- This lineup has

Bob Wilson/Drums (Louis Eliot and The Embers)

Kevin Jefferies/Bass (RogerTaylor)

Benjamin Morgan/Guitar ( All The Fires, Loose Salute)

Here is a current list of venues:( more dates to be announced)

December 9th- The New Inn, Tywardreath UK (w/Guilty Birds Band)
December 10th- 1 hour Radio Show on AIR 107.2
December 11th- Mama Stones, Exeter (w/Guilty Birds Band)
December 12th- Portland Arms, Weymouth(solo show)
December 13th- House Concert, Dorset(Solo Show)
December 15th- The 12BAR London(w/Guilty Birds Band)

December 18th- The Windmill Brighton (w/Guilty Birds Band)

I think this will be it as far as dates go for now...

I had a great show a couple of weeks ago here in Sao Paulo with another version of my 'Guilty Birds Band' lineup. With only one rehearsal, and armed with Marisha Devoin's WICKED charts, we rocked The Na Mata Cafe in Itaim Bibi.
A MASSIVE thank you to Cliff who runs and books bands at Na Mata, as well as to Maria Petit (Cutie on the left)from SP Night Market, who busted her butt getting people out on a Wednesday night....xxxx

Caetano Malta on Guitar, Beto Gibbs on drums, Klaus Sena on bass and Joao Leao on Keys..
These guys give such a cool feel to the songs...I don't know exactly what it is, could be a combo of their jazz influences/and their fanTASTIC beards...I think the two together give these guys a certain awesomeness...I was proud to be in their circle for a show...

Thanks to Beer 961 for being the amazing sponser of the night....mmmmm Beer.

My husband even got to come out, although he had to fly off somewhere at 4am- Also got to hang with friends!!!! Hi Jaime Chamberlain !
Got to wear some WICKED cowboy Boots and use my Danelectro Chorus Pedal

Ate Logo Cafe Na Mata!!!!

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